Bill Taylor Music Collection
Bill Taylor interview from a
2005 issue of Dulcimer
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Last year the group of KADC members who
regularly play at the Museum of Appalachia
decided that they wanted to pay tribute to
Bill Taylor due to his past involvement with
the Knoxville Area Dulcimer Club and all his
contributions to the dulcimer community.     
June Goforth contacted Bill's wife, Barbara
and told her what we wanted to do.   They
arranged for June, Terri Jolly and Rudy
Ryan to have lunch with Bill and Barbara
Taylor.  At that lunch, Barbara brought all of
the dulcimer tab of his she could find and
donated it to the KADC.  

Rudy Ryan then spent quite a bit of time
scanning the tab to make PDF's and these, in
turn, have been added to the club's collection
of tunes as listed below.   There are 125
pieces.   This is an amazing collection so
take your time and try these out.  

Many thanks to Barbara and Bill for this very
generous donation to our club!